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  • china latest news about ceramic substrates
    2021-01-26 ceramic substrates
    Ceramic Substrates are used in many electronic applications where a thin insulating layer of thermally stable material is required to conduct heat away from electronic components whilst electrically insulating them, and material is 95%, 96%, 99% alumina and zirconia. Properties with excellent ...
  • china latest news about evaporation boat
    2021-01-26 evaporation boat
    High Theoretical Density Low Thermal Expansion Low Moisture Pickup (High quality ,High competitive price) Physical Properties: Resistivity (normal temperature) 200-2000 µΩ·cm Working temperature 1300 - 1750 ℃ Supply voltage V 5-15 Electric current A 400-900 Evaporation rate G/M/CM2 0.3-0.5 ...