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Zirconia Ceramics

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Zirconia Ceramics


Precision Machining Zirconia Ceramics Piston CNC Lathe Machined Precision

Zirconia piston has high flexural strength,high compressive strength. Zirconia products' Main applications A. Molds/Tools(various molds,precision positioning jigs,insulating jigs) B. Crusher parts(classifiers... Read More
2021-02-06 12:52:03

White Zro2 Zirconia Ceramics Knife Knives Zirconium Dioxide Blades

Zirconium oxide knife has good advantage than normal knife.Zirconium oxide knife has high hardness,good ability of high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance.It is sharper and not easy to get rusty. ... Read More
2021-02-06 12:58:08

Zirconium Oxide Zirconia Ceramics Flange Pipe Insulating Properties Wear Resistant

Zirconia ceramic flange/pipe have bwlow properties.We can process the precision in the range of 0.001mm. The material particle diameter is small,high precision processing is possible. A. High Mechanical ... Read More
2021-02-06 12:52:00

High Temperature Resistant Zro2 Zirconia Ceramics Bearings High Mechanical Strength

Zirconia ceramic bearings have below features. A. cold resistance is good,the elasticity is small,good high pressure resistance,weak thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient. Zirconia ceramic bearings ... Read More
2021-02-06 13:08:10

Wear Resisting Black Zirconia Ceramics Parts High Temperature Abrasion Resistance

Black Zirconia ceramic parts(irregular shape) can be produced by us. Specification Material code characteristics Density(g/cm³) Young's Moulus(GPa) Flexural strength(MPa) Fracture Toughness(MPa*m1/2) Thermal ... Read More
2021-02-06 12:51:54

Industrial Zro2 Zirconium Oxide Balls Zirconia Ceramic Balls High Precision

zirconia ceramic products,zirconia ceramic balls,ziconia ceramic knife,zirconia ceramic flange The material particle diameter is small,high precision processing is possible. A. High Mechanical strength at room ... Read More
2021-02-06 12:16:17

Industrial Zro2 Zirconium Oxide Zirconia Ceramic Tube Rod Plunger

Zirconia ceramic plunger has below features. Features Zirconia has high mechanical strength at normal temperature and excellent material fracture toughness.PSZ(partially stabilized zirconia)has a small material ... Read More
2021-02-06 12:58:10

Zro2 Zirconia Zirconium Dioxide Ceramic Zirconia Ceramic Parts High Pressure Resistance

Zirconia ceramic irregular parts can be produced according to customers' request. We can produce from die mold,moulding,shaping,singtering,to machining. Special shape including punch,cutting,engraving,polishing... Read More
2021-02-06 12:51:44
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